Oxymoron Films is an independent film production company established in London in 1993 by Iraqi/British filmmaker, Maysoon Pachachi. This site provides information about films made by her for this and other production companies. These include OUR RIVER OUR SKY, IRAQI WOMEN: VOICES FROM EXILE, IRANIAN JOURNEY, LIVING WITH THE PAST, BITTER WATER, RETURN TO THE LAND OF WONDERS and OUR FEELINGS TOOK THE PICTURES: OPEN SHUTTERS IRAQ.

Aside from making films, Maysoon has also taught film directing and editing in Britain and Palestine (in Jerusalem, Gaza and at Birzeit University). She was a founding member of the London-based group, ACT TOGETHER: Women’s Action for Iraq. And in 2004, with her colleague, Kasim Abid, also a London-based Iraqi filmmaker, she co-founded INDEPENDENT FILM & TELEVISION COLLEGE.

Our River... Our Sky

our river our sky posterAn Arabic language narrative feature film by Maysoon Pachachi, 2022

Baghdad, Iraq. Winter 2006.

3 years after the US-led invasion.

Extreme sectarian violence, nightly curfews.

And the ongoing occupation of the country.

You never know what you will see when you step outside your front door in the morning.

Every day you find the strength to ‘act life’ and renew a fragile sense of hope.


A web of intersecting stories describes a collective drama happening in this time and place 

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